Blastrac Ottawa shot blasting for concrete, steel and asphalt surface preparation.

Blastrac is the preferred method for surface preparation when the process is executed by a professional who understands the process and chooses the right equipment to deliver fast yet high quality results at a great price. Preptech has the right experience and blastrac equipment for your project. Please call 613-225-0501 for Blastrac Ottawa.

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Preptech has wide variety of Blastrac equipment and skilled workforce to provide you just the right solution for shot blasting.

Typical projects we undertake –

Commercial shot blasting

    • Warehouse floor preparation and factory floor preparation –Preptech’s blastrac ottawa service can remove old markings, coatings, floor coverings and paints from the factory floor to prepare the surface for a fresh long lasting coat. Cracks can also be repaired in the process.
    • Tank lining ottawa – Preptech can undertake tank lining and coating Ottawa projects to remove rust and old paint from storage tanks before giving them a fresh long lasting coat. Prefect results assured. Please call 613-225-0501 for your free quote.
    • Ottawa painting – Preptech can prepare large surfaces and paint them reliably at best prices. Ottawa painters using manual methods cannot match our commercial painting speed and quality. Preptech is one of the best painting companies ottawa for commercial/ factory coating and painting assignments.
    • Concrete floor preparation, Concrete polishing – Preptech blast trac concrete grindingservice.
    • Marking the driveway, parking area.
    • Steel shot blasting, concrete shot blasting, Blastrac shot blaster, concrete floor grinding and concrete preparation are part of Preptech’s Blastrac Ottawa service.
    • We are experts at Ottawa pressure washing and Ottawa sandblasting assignments too.

Roads and highways

    • Road line removal Ottawa – Preptech blastrac Ottawa service can remove old markings on roads and highways with minimal traffic disruption without damaging road surfaces. We also have the option to use soda blasting for this procedure. Both methods are environment friendly.

Parking garages

    • Preptech blastrac concrete grinder can prepare your surface fast for concrete paint.
    • We are experts at pressure washing Ottawa, so we can clean your surface and prepare it well before any ottawa paint or coating job.

Showrooms and retail establishments

    • Preptech’s Blastrac Ottawa service is one of the best concrete floor polishing solution for commercial establishments wanting a perfect concrete floor. Polished concrete looks very attractive and is an cost effective flooring option.
    • Shot blasting using Preptech’s Blastrac Otttawa service can prepare surfaces with minimal disturbance to your business. Blastrac Ottawa process is clean and eco-friendly.


    • Parking garages – Polishing concrete floors Ottawa.
    • Painting Ottawa (Painters Ottawa)- Exterior paint of large residential properties and condos.
    • Blastrac Ottawa service provided by Preptech is dustless and eco-friendly.

Graffiti removal Ottawa

    • Preptech’s blastrac Ottawa service is also suitable for graffiti removal in Ottawa.
    • We also have mobile pressure washing , soda blasting ontario service to take care of different requirements. Please call 613-225-0501 for your free quote.

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Preptech has many years experience and correct Blastrac equipments to deliver exceptional service at great prices. Please call Preptech 43 Cleopatra Dr., Ottawa, ON K2G 0B6, Tel: (613) 225-0501 for all your requirements regarding Blastrac Ottawa.