Mastic removal Ottawa prepares your surface for fresh flooring, coating or just for cleaning. Preptech can remove different types of mastic from variety of surfaces including wood, concrete, stone, terrazzo and others. Correct mastic removal Ottawa is important to protect the underlying surface and to prepare it for your new flooring/ covering. Preptech’s mastic removal Ottawa saves you time and also prolongs life of your new flooring or covering. Please call 613-225-0501 for your free quote on Mastic removal Ottawa.

Preptech has standardized processes, equipment and raw materials to remove mastic very fast, with minimal downtime and without any mess. You get excellent mastic removal at very competitive mastic removal prices. We have small machines to reach every corner of the surface and larger machines for commercial mastic removal Ottawa.

Please call 613-225-0501 , inform us your surface area and the type of mastic removal to get your free mastic removal quote.

Mastic removal Ottawa is relevant for almost all Ottawa flooring / flooring Ottawa / flooring in ottawa projects which involve removing old carpet or flooring to install new flooring.

Mastic Removal Ottawa

We offer Mastic removal Ottawa for

  • removal of carpet Ottawa / carpets Ottawa / carpet tiles ottawa.
  • removal of hardwood Ottawa / Ottawa hardwood / hardwood flooring ottawa / wood flooring ottawa
  • removal of ceramic tile Ottawa
  • removal of epoxy shield / epoxy resin / epoxy paint / epoxy floor coating / epoxy flooring
  • removal of garage floor coating / garage floor epoxy / epoxy garage floor
  • removal of garage flooring / garage floor / garage floor repair / garage floor finishes
  • removal of garage paint / garage floor paint / painting garage floor / garage floor coatings
  • removal of laminate flooring ottawa / ottawa laminate flooring
  • removal of vinyl flooring ottawa
  • removal of cork flooring ottawa
  • removal of rubber flooring ottawa
  • removal of linoleum flooring / linoleum removal
  • removal of other flooring in ottawa
  • prior to painting concrete floors/ polished cement floors.

You may have tried general purpose mastic remover available at various Ottawa flooring stores but applying generic formulations may not always give you the best results. Sometimes it can leave you with a half cured mess or even worse it may lead to a surface which is not suitable for applying the next flooring or covering. Avoid hassles, save time, call 613-225-0501 to get mastic removed professionally by Preptech.

Concrete Ottawa – Concrete polishing / concrete floor finishing

  • Concrete floors are gaining popularity in Ottawa. If you are interested in concrete floors ottawa, we can help you get your desired concrete flooring. Polished concrete is an excellent flooring option for commercial properties. Polished concrete floors are relatively low cost, have long life, almost maintenance free and come in variety of concrete finishes. Concrete floors can also help in achieving LEED certification. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system devised by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).
  • If you are looking for a concrete grinder , concrete polisher, concrete floor grinder consider professional service from Prep tech. We provide fast and reliable concrete grinding service in entire Ottawa valley. There are various concrete floor finishes including stained concrete.
  • We polish concrete using top of the line equipment and we can provide various cement floor finishes. Please see this page for more details.
  • We can help you with cement floor paint also.

Please also consider Prep tech’s surface preparation, mastic removal Ottawa service when considering basement flooring options, basement flooring, kitchen flooring options, garage flooring options. We can prepare your surface perfectly to give your new flooring a longer life and perfect finish.

Our superior processes completely remove mastic so that your surface is ready for any new treatment, finish or cover. We can remove mastic from both horizontal and vertical surfaces. All our processes are environment friendly and safe.

Please contact Prep tech at 613-225-0501 for Mastic Removal Ottawa.