Membrane Removal Ottawa is membrane removal service provided by expert professionals at Preptech Ottawa to remove membrane from any surface using a variety of professional techniques. Please contact us at 613-225-0501 for Membrane removal Ottawa prices. Membrane removal Ottawa quote is free and we offer very quick service for Membrane removal Ottawa.

Preptech has specialized equipment and knowledge to clean all types of surfaces without any damages. We can remove all types of membrane, by combining a variety of different methods which range from shot blasting, pressure washing (using variety of media), grinding to solvent based methods.

Membrane Removal Ottawa

Preptech chooses the best method of membrane removal Ottawa depending on

  • Membrane type – Elastomeric, Rubber, Urethane, hot applied membrane or any other types of membrane.
  • The base surface which could be asphalt, concrete, metal, bricks, wood or any other surface.
  • The age and condition of the membrane to be removed.
  • Surface area in question – Large commercial membrane removal Ottawa requires professional membrane removal machinery, experience and expertise to complete the job with minimum downtime/ disturbance.
  • Topography of the area – Example even large areas could have small hard to reach areas where bigger machines cannot operate. We can remove membrane from such areas using different methods and equipments. No area is out of our reach.
  • We can remove membrane from vertical as well as horizontal surfaces.

Other Notes –

  • We also offer graffiti removal Ottawa.
  • We can remove membrane over hardwood flooring Ottawa/ ottawa hardwood flooring or any other flooring Ottawa / ottawa flooring.
  • If you have a house for sale in Ottawa, ottawa homes for sale with concrete floor, we can prepare its surface and grind concrete to perfection. Ottawa home builders can also use our surface preparation processes for superior flooring results.
  • We offer snow removal ottawa, roof snow removal ottawa, ottawa snow removal service during the winter months.
  • We remove various types of membrane from many types of surfaces whether the surface is horizontal or vertical but we do NOT remove roof membranes.
    • Please contact roofers ottawa, ottawa roofing, ottawa roofers, ottawa roofing companies, ottawa roofing contractors, roofing companies ottawa, roofing contractors ottawa for such jobs.

Preptech has perfect safety record. Preptech respects the environment also. All our processes are absolutely safe and environment friendly.

Please contact us at 613-225-0501 for Membrane Removal Ottawa.