Rug glue removal Ottawa using the best method for any given surface. Prep tech is an expert at surface preparation technologies. Rug glue removal can appear deceptively simple but its importance cannot be underestimated. The life of your new flooring and sometimes even the finish of your new flooring depends on how well the surface was prepared before installing the new flooring. Perfect rug glue removal can be cumbersome but you can trust Prep tech’s experience for speedy and clean rug glue removal. Please call 613-225-0501 for your free quote on rug glue removal Ottawa.

Prep tech has the right expertise, experience and equipment for removing rug glue from large areas. Prep tech provides commercial rug glue removal Ottawa as well as rug glue removal in industrial properties in Ottawa. Please call 613-225-0501.

In our long years of experience with the Ottawa flooring industry we have been part of numerous Ottawa carpet installation performed by many ottawa flooring stores / carpet stores ottawa. The best Ottawa carpet stores and all canadian flooring specialists know the importance of surface preparation before carpet installation ottawa.

There are many carpet glue remover available at ottawa carpet stores / flooring stores ottawa. While these general purpose solutions might work in some cases but please be aware that such a generic floor glue remover can sometimes do more harm than good. Example using PU solvent to remove PU glue will help the softened adhesive to set into concrete permanently thus preventing further bonding capacity. Such concrete would also resist decorative stains and sealers.

In general combining professional mechanical means of glue removal give far superior results than generic glue removal solutions.

Our rug glue removal Ottawa services is useful whenever you remove your old carpet ottawa / flooring Ottawa /area rugs ottawa / rugs Ottawa.

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Prep tech’s rug glue removal Ottawa service can help you while you are considering

  • basement flooring / basement flooring options
  • cork flooring canada / cork flooring
  • wood flooring ottawa / hardwood flooring ottawa
  • vinyl flooring / vinyl flooring ottawa
  • bamboo flooring ottawa
  • kitchen flooring
  • hardwood floor refinishing ottawa

Prep tech also has specialised tile glue removal service which should be preferred over generic tile glue remover available in market.

Please contact us for surface preparation before all types of flooring in Ottawa.

Rug glue removal can appear simple but if it is not done properly then it can become a very messy affair or even unsafe if the solvents or equipments being used for the process are not used as per standard instructions. Preptech has the right knowledge and experience to remove rug glue from a variety of surfaces using a combination of different techniques. All our rug glue removal processes are environment friendly and safe. Please call Prep tech at 613-225-0501 for professional rug glue removal Ottawa.