Sand blasting has been the conventional way to clean surfaces. You simply shoot sand at the surface to be cleaned and paint and rust flakes off.

The advantages are that it is fairly inexpensive and quite fast. The disadvantages are that it pits the surface being blasted, thins and resurfaces it, and it heats up the surface, which can lead to deformation and expansion. Sand also packs cracks, crevices, and small openings and can hide damage that needs to be removed or repaired.

We do professional sandblasting in Ottawa. However Preptech also offers other alternatives to sand blasting which can be more suitable depending upon the material to be worked on and the nature of work required.

Preptech has expertise in Soda blasting, Shot Blasting, Blastrac and other professional methods of surface preparation also. So we can prepare any surface in the most appropriate manner, using the most appropriate equipment, process and technique.

Preptech has expertise in all types of surface preparation. Please call us at 613-225-0501 to discuss your project requirements OR to get best quote on sandblasting.