Shot Blasting is a process that prepares concrete and steel substrate for refinishing by propelling steel shot at the surface and collecting the debris, dust, and shot into a sealed hopper.

Flooring projects in warehouses, factories, offices and public buildings commonly use this system to prepare the concrete floor prior to application of a new surface finish. Surface preparation by Vacuum Shot Blasting is highly recommended by all floor finish manufacturers.

Some benefits of using this method are:

  • No need for toxic chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly as the dust and debris are contained
  • No wait time, once a floor is blasted it is ready immediately for a new surface.

Preptech specializes in using Blastrac shot blasting equipment in Ottawa.  In fact we have various equipment and trained staff for all types of work related to shot blasting. Please call us for free quote on any work in Ottawa related to shot blasting.