Sodium bicarbonate (soda) is a non-hazardous, food grade material that is an effective blast media for most industrial and commercial cleaning and coating removal applications. Baking soda can be dissolved with water and washed down the drain once blasting is complete. Soda Blasting is abrasive enough to remove coatings or process residue without the surface damage typically associated with other abrasive blasting media such as sand. Soda blasting makes cracks in metal and fiberglass more visible. It is water soluble, easily dissolves and is environmentally friendly, making it the perfect blast medium for greasy engine blocks and components, boat hull gel coats and road line and graffiti removal.

What can Soda-blasting do?

  • Remove graffiti from brick, concrete and masonry.
  • Clean fiberglass boat bottoms.
  • Remove line paint from highways and parking lots.
  • Remove char & odors from fire damaged buildings.
  • Remove paint and rust from auto and truck bodies, trailers and wheels.

Why choose Soda-blasting?

  • The Soda media is USDA Approved as an A1 cleaner and is an odour eater – it works!
  • It dissolves completely and quickly in water. Clean-up is a snap.
  • It is non-toxic. EPA & OSHA don t even class it as a skin or eye irritant.